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About Us

With 20 years experiences in R&D manufacturing of the plastic injection molds and products, JTE factory has been at the forefront of the Industry in China and the markets for global customers.


◆ Who we are?

With a professional experienced technical team, we can provide service of below:

  1. OEM service available;
  2. To design drawings based on the plastic samples;
  3. To produce products based on drawings or samples provided;
  4. One-stop service from the original design to the end user;


◆ What we do?

Equipped with excellent good-working machines of CNC, EDM, WEDM, drilling, turning, milling for molds and dies, we can design and manufacture the injection molds and plastic parts in various field, mainly listing below:

  1. Auto Industry like auto parts;
  2. Medical Industry like medical plastic components;
  3. Toys manufacturing industry;
  4. Pet products like plastic dog bowl;
  5. Other industries as long as the plastic products are made by injection process;


◆ Where we are?

JTE factory is located in the famous tourism city Suzhou, Jiangsu, which is half an hour to Shanghai by high speed rail, and for each 5~10 minutes there will be 1 G/D/C train come between the two cities.

We can see, when you arrived Shanghai, one step forward you are in Suzhou.


◆ Why us?

We are small enough to give you the attention you need to take your project from the drawing board to a finished product.

Yet we are large enough to provide all the services you need from within our Chinese owned, independent company.


◆ How we guarantee quality and service?

1st, the staff in our team are all experienced in the industry, from the very beginning of RFQ, you don’t have to worry about misunderstanding;

2rd, great care is taken to every step of the running from the before-sales discussion, quotation, to after-deal design, material sourcing, sample making, mass production, quality control, packaging, shipment, till the after-sales service.

3rd, Quality objectives: The production of a pass rate of 98%; finished product factory pass rate of 100%.

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